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ABCAPITAL : Aditya Birla Capital Ltd share Targets, Business, Fundamental & Technical Analysis

         Aditya Birla Capital Ltd. ABCL (NSE: ABCAPITAL) share made an all-time high in September 2017, the company have grown significantly since then. Q4 FY2021 results were the all-time highest ever. The company is expected to grow steadily in recent future. Read the complete study below.  Aditya Birla Capital Ltd: ABCAPITAL Business Analysis           ABCAPITAL is a Midcap size company with, a market cap of around ₹30,265 Cr today (as of 13/06/2021). Aditya Birla Capital Limited (ABCL) is the holding company for the financial services businesses of the Aditya Birla Group.           ABCL’s subsidiaries have a strong presence across Protecting, Investing and Financing solutions, ABCL is a universal financial solutions group catering to the diverse needs of its customers across their life stages. Powered by more than 22,500 employees, the subsidiaries of ABCL have a nationwide reach with 850+ branches and more than 2,00,000 agents/channel partners and several bank partners. (Source: 

Send and receive Money using UPI Apps; Feat BHIM App

UPI Apps are getting very popular day by day. It is becoming a common man needs. Here we'll answer some of the commonly asked problems, and see "How to use UPI Apps appropriately?" UPI  stands for  ' Unified Payment Interface  (UPI)'. A  Unified Payment Interface  (UPI) is a single-window mobile payment system developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). UPI apps are very convenient to use and one-stop fast forward solution for money transfers, it is a totally 21st-century thing. Contents: Basic requirements for UPI App activation (first time): What are the most popular UPI Apps? Common steps to register in any UPI App: How to transact using UPI PIN? Check account balance using UPI App Forgot UPI PIN? Steps to reset UPI PIN UPI Apps Safety tips #1 Basic requirements for UPI App activation (first time): (&f46d) Of course, the first thing you'll need is a smartphone  with the  sim card which is linked to your bank ac

Transfer Paytm wallet balance (Cash backs) to your bank account

Paytm is one the most Value For Money (VFM) store nowadays. Its because it provides many cash back offers in Paytm App and also in Paytm Mall, sometimes even 100% cashback, or with the   ONCEAMONTH    coupon you'll find a great discount (50 % or more) on your purchases. But as you know you'll get the cash back as Paytm money in the form of Paytm Wallet . So we'll see how you can transfer that Paytm Wallet balance to your bank account in a few simple steps. Before we proceed please read below note.    Note: You need to have a KYC verified Paytm account to transfer your Paytm wallet balance to your bank account. Further, it is noted that Wallet to Bank transfer is not free, Paytm will charge a  3 % surcharge fee  for this type of a transaction. So let us begin now, 1. Open Paytm App as usual, now at the bottom you'll see five icons. Tap on Bank > . 2. On the next screen, scroll down a bit, and you'll see your present Paytm Wallet balance > . Lik

Answer simple surveys and earn Google Play Store Credit (with proof)

<hr> Update: 29-06-2018: New surveys are coming more frequently now, on weekly basis. The latest reward proof is added. <hr> Do you know you can get free Google Play store credit by simply answering quick surveys and earn credit? Which then you can use for in-app purchase or buying an app on play store.  I'll guide you step by step with images how to use it. (proof is attached) First, you need to download one App its called  Google Opinion Rewards  (Play Store link), created by the Google Surveys team.   Download Google Opinion Rewards After then select and log in with your desired google account. Accept necessary terms and conditions. Go to setting of that app and enable 'Notification sounds' so that you'll know everytime a new survey is available. Give your generic personal information like your age, gender, location, languages etc. You'll get a sample survey from Google, answer few  basic questions about yourself.  I

Activate Jio Caller Tune free for Lifetime (Three ways)

Today in this post we'll see how we can activate and enjoy caller tune services in Jio for free. This can be done in three ways. We'll discuss all the process here, simple step by step, with images as a reference. The first process [A] is a little complex but can be used with all types of mobile devices. Whereas the second process [B] is easier but it is applicable only to smartphone phone devices. [C] is the   easiest among all three methods :) [A] First method: First, go to write message option on your mobile (or Jio4gVoice app), type JT then send it to 56789.  Welcome to JioTunes  Then choose any category, e.g reply with 1 for Bollywood Songs, 2 for Regional Songs, 3 for International Songs. Or to search for a particular song reply with first few words of the song or to search by Movie, Album, or singer, reply with MOVIE <Movie Name> or ALBUM <Album Name> or SINGER <Singer Name> to 56789 . For Example, if we reply with 1 for Boll

(Expired) Recharge any Reliance Jio Mobile Number - My Jio App [₹ 50 discount] | Jio Voucher Trap Method

Here in this post, we'll see how you can Recharge any Reliance Jio Mobile Number using Jio's MyJio App and get ₹ 50 discounts in the process. We suggest you walk through this process while we describe it to you. We call it "JIo Voucher Trap Method". # "Jio Voucher Trap Method" - A short description of why it is needed? 🤔 By default, Jio does not allow a Jio customer to recharge any other Jio number (for saying his/her family or friend's number) and get ₹ 50 discounts . A user has to recharge his/her self number only to avail Jio Voucher discounts to count. So to bypass this restriction we have come up with this unique Idea of "Jio Voucher Trap Method". Here we'll not directly recharge another persons' number but passively using Jio Vouchers which we'll buy earlier in the process. Needless to say, these vouchers can be used to recharge any Jio customers' number including self. 😊  This guide shows how to properly use