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Send and receive Money using UPI Apps; Feat BHIM App

UPI Apps are getting very popular day by day. It is becoming a common man needs. Here we'll answer some of the commonly asked problems, and see "How to use UPI Apps appropriately?"

UPI stands for 'Unified Payment Interface (UPI)'. A Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is a single-window mobile payment system developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). UPI apps are very convenient to use and one-stop fast forward solution for money transfers, it is a totally 21st-century thing.


  1. Basic requirements for UPI App activation (first time):
  2. What are the most popular UPI Apps?
  3. Common steps to register in any UPI App:
  4. How to transact using UPI PIN?
  5. Check account balance using UPI App
  6. Forgot UPI PIN? Steps to reset UPI PIN
  7. UPI Apps Safety tips

#1 Basic requirements for UPI App activation (first time): (&f46d)

  • Of course, the first thing you'll need is a smartphone with the sim card which is linked to your bank account (must). Sim card should have a minimum balance to send one Service SMS - to verify your account.
  • Debit cum ATM card for that bank account.

#2 What are the most popular UPI Apps? ()

Few of the most popular UPI Apps are:
  • Tez - It is made by Google, especially for India.
    (Read - First time Tez user will get ₹51 instant cash into your bank account)
  • PhonPe - Its parent company is  Flipkart.
    (Read - PhonPe user will get ₹75 Cashback into PhonPe Wallet after first use)
  • Paytm - Powered by Paytm Payments Bank.
  • BHIM - Bharat Interface for Money, is made by NPCI.

#3 Common steps to register in any UPI App: (Contents)

Simple Interface of BHIM App
Step 1: You need to sign up in that particular app.
Step 2: To add your bank account, select bank name, then you'll be asked to send a Service SMS, accept that.
Step 3: Now it'll ask you to verify your account by submitting last 6 digits of your Debit cum ATM Card, Expiry date, & the CVV Number (CVV number is a 3 digit number you see on the opposite side of your name on the ATM Card)
Step 4: Final step is to create your 6 digits UPI PIN. This UPI PIN should not be shared with anyone. Keep this PIN secret. 

#4 How to transact using UPI PIN? (Contents)

Now that you're all set after registering in the UPI App and creating your UPI PIN, you can send and receive money instantly directly in/from your bank account using (i) Bank account number and IFSC (ii) UPI id (UPI id will be given by the UPI App, you can customize it). (iii) You can send money to anyone with their AADHAAR card number also, money will be credited to AADHAAR linked bank account.

While sending money or paying for bills, complete your transaction using UPI PIN at the last step.

#5 Check account balance using UPI App (Contents)

To view your bank account balance In the UPI App go to Setting/My Account > Choose Bank Account > View balance.
Change/Reset PIN, Check balance

#6 Forgot UPI PIN? Steps to reset UPI PIN (Contents)

If you have forgotten your UPI PIN you can easily reset it. In the UPI App under Setting/My Account > Choose Bank Account > Reset UPI PIN > Follow steps.
Your UPI PIN is a centralized PIN at the bank level, it is same for any UPI App)

#7 UPI Apps Safety tips (Contents)

  • Do not share your UPI PIN with anyone (most important).
  • Once registered a UPI App is configured to use only with that particular smartphone, if the SIM card is removed the app will no longer work. 
  • If in case you lost your Phone, call the customer care and block the SIM card.
  • If you use UPI Apps on a regular basis you should change the UPI PIN once a while. 
  • Do not leave your Phone unattended to any untrustable person. If you see any unauthorized transaction immediately contact your bank.


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